Over-The-Top Grandeur on Clemow Avenue

Have you seen anything like this elsewhere in Ottawa? Located at 211 Clemow Avenue, on the northeast corner of the intersection with Lyon Street, this grand house was built in 1910 by Dr. J.E. Taggart, Dentist (yes, a dentist, you heard me right!) and designed by the architect Arthur Le B. Weeks.  Weeks also designed Ashbury College in Rockcliffe.

This is an over-the-top Georgian/Classical Revival style house with giant “southern-style” columns holding up an a large bracketed porch roof which covers a hooded front entrance.  Notice the red-coloured brackets underneath the roofline, the symmetrically placed windows on the front facade with unusual “starburst” semi-circular stone arches over the first floor front windows.  Other details include a closed in one-storey sun room with fenced-off roof, a front dormer, and tall chimneys at each side of the house.

This place would be a sight in any neighbourhood, and even on a street such as  Clemow, with many other large well-designed houses, this stands out!


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