W.E. Matthews House/Embassy of Lebanon – 221 Clemow

221 Clemow

They don’t build houses like these anymore.  Or design em’ like they used to! This house was built in 1909 for W.E. Matthews, a prominent Ottawa man who owned a meat packing company.  Note the unusual rounded two-storey bay window at the end facing Lyon Street!

Here’s the front part of the house.  Notice all the chimneys, the window design, and the enclosed front porch, and the stone foundation. Here’s W.E. Matthews himself, circa early 1900s (image courtesy of Library and Archives Canada):

There’ll be more about the man and the house in an upcoming article in the April Glebe Report…stay tuned!



Fire Insurance Map, 1902, Bank Street through Glebe (sometimes, maps speak for themselves!)


This is a section of a Goad’s Fire Insurance Map (1902, map updated 1912), courtesy of Library and Archives Canada, for a part of the Glebe. These maps have loads of details on location of houses, housing patterns, and type of house construction…for example, red means brick construction, yellow means wood frame construction, and red surround yellow means frame house with brick exterior.