James G. Gardiner, at 211 Clemow 1935-1958

James Gardiner (seen above as a young man) was born in small town Ontario in the late 19th century, then moved to Saskatchewan in 1907.  He entered provincial politics in 1914, and by the mid 1920s was premier of province, a post he held until 1929.  He became premier in 1934, but resigned the post a year later when he was asked by Prime Minister Mackenzie King to join his cabinet: King offered him the post of Minister of Agriculture.  Gardiner thus moved to Ottawa and the house located at 211 Clemow Avenue (seen in a previous blog post).

Gardiner (seen above speaking at the August 1948 Liberal Convention) remained Minister of Agriculture until 1958 (and is one of the longest serving cabinet ministers to this day), and served two Liberal Prime Ministers; Mackenzie King and Louis St. Laurent (as seen below together at the 1948 Liberal Convention).

When the Liberals were defeated in the 1958 election that swept the Conservatives to power, Gardiner moved from Clemow and onto a farm where he lived until his death in 1962.  A remarkable man, in a remarkable house, on a remarkable street…