June 2012: 68 Craig Demolished

You may remember I mentioned this house back in January.  Located at 68 Craig Street, this house was a single-family home dating from ca. 1920s.  An application for a minor variance has gone through, which means the house would be demolished and replaced with a three storey, three-unit building.  Current zoning bylaws permit this to occur, and this is happening with increasing regularity everywhere in the neighbourhood.

Since January, the minor variance was approved and the house came down in mid-June 2012.


2 thoughts on “June 2012: 68 Craig Demolished

  1. Thanks for this information; I live on Craig and was curious to know what had happened to the house, which seemed to disappear overnight. The City of Ottawa notice on the fence says that the house will be replaced with a single story dwelling, which puzzled me. So it’s another 3 story condo like what is proposed for a few houses up? The streetscape around Brown’s inlet will be diminished.

    • Hi! You are welcome. From what little I know, the new building will be similar in style to the one that is expected to go in at 50 Craig (right at the corner with Holmwood), whose own info you can see here: http://www.teskey.com/homes/50craig.html. It will also likely take up the entire lot. Yes, you are right, the streetscape will not be the same with these two out of character buildings in place.

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