One of Noffke’s First Glebe Houses – 86 Ralph Street

The other day, Urbsite talked about one of Noffke’s early houses in Centretown, so that got me thinking that it might worth profiling all the houses he designed in the Glebe.

One of these, according to a recent article by Heritage Ottawa members John Macleod and Richard Belliveau, was the Charles Ernest Baker house.  Here’s what the house looked like in the 1920s:

Designed by Noffke in his trademark Spanish Colonial Revival Style, it was built in 1912 for a family that had lived on this spot since the 1870s.  Originally numbered as 65 Wilton Street, it is now 86 Ralph. Here’s what the view from the house would have looked like, across Brown’s Inlet:

Charles Ernest Baker was the owner of the house from 1912-1953, and ran the Baker Boot and Shoe Company.  His son Clarence lived here until the late 1970s.  Read Baker senior’s  obituary, from the Ottawa Citizen’s Aug. 4 paper here:

The lovely large grounds of the house were sold off for late 1970s infill housing, but the original Noffke house itself was maintained and cleverly divided into two units.

One of these units was for sale recently, and you can see a photo of the place here.  It is a wonder that this aesthetically pleasing house is still not designated.


4 thoughts on “One of Noffke’s First Glebe Houses – 86 Ralph Street

  1. Just to update. The current owners of 86 Ralph Street have let the homes interior go bad. No heat or AC in the kitchen, very poorly maintained. At one time I’m sure it was a fine home. A shame they have allowed the inside of the home to fall apart.

  2. I lived across the street for this house on the corner of ralph and holmwood …the property was beautiful they had a gorgeous wrought iron gate arround the property and the most beautiful big trees ….Mr Baker the son had a garden every year ….when he died and the son and daughter took over it was quickly severed and the most god awful row houses that still stand today were built . My father promptly put our house on the market and sold it in 1979 for the amount 179000.00 hate to think what that house would get today …..

  3. I did some work on the house about 15-20 years ago on the unit close to the water, The dining room ornate plaster ceiling was looking good back then

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