Central Glebe From the Air – ca. 1930s

The photo above shows the central part of the Glebe, taken from the air for the Federal District Commission in the 1930s.  It is in preparation for the Greber Report, the planning document  that was to change the look of Ottawa from the 1950s onwards.

Some things to note:

1. the spine of the neighbourhood, which is Bank Street, running at a diagonal on the left side of the photo;

2. the railway line that cuts across towards the top of the photo and effectively defining the Glebe from Centretown;

3. the solid line of dark (trees) that runs from the middle top  right to left and which follows Clemow Avenue Driveway (including Monkland Avenue);

4. the highly defined Central Park running from roughly middle top right to left, with a larger dark (treed) area to the left of Bank Street (Central Park East) and the more defined and manicured area running at a  diagonal across Bank towards the northwest;

5. And if you look closely, in the upper right near the railway line you can see the traffic circle of the Federal District Commission Driveway as it crosses Pretoria Avenue.

The photo is courtesy of the fantastic National Capital Commission’s historic images of Ottawa collection located at the NCC Library. Incidentally,  you can view these images at the library until the end of September, after which time the library will be closed due to cuts to the budget. I will be profiling other Glebe images from this collection in the coming weeks.




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