89 Fourth Avenue – A Fantastic Work in Progress

Jason Lambert of 707  Construction does not do things in half measures. Since buying 89 fourth avenue a year ago, he has devoted his energy to restoring and renovating this beautiful ca. 1895 house. As you  can see from the previous images, he has added a new side addition with garage, which perhaps is the highlight of the exterior job so far.

Compare with these images with one  which shows the house as it lookeda year ago,

and you will see that not only has the brick work from the west facing wall gone into the front facade surrounding the garage door, but the heritage mason Lambert hired to work on this has replicated all the details of the original front facade such as the jack arches over the windows and the dentilwork of the bricks just below the roofline. There was also a wonderful square with floral rosettes that has also been incorporated back into an upper front side wall in almost the same location as where it had been before.

There is more to this story for another post, but safe to say that Lambert has displayed that you CAN re-use an old house and make something new, sensitive, and creative out of it without destroying the character of the historic streetscape.


5 thoughts on “89 Fourth Avenue – A Fantastic Work in Progress

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. The reason I show this place is for the reason it is NOT like a house in the suburbs, or for that matter, like most of the other infill houses in the Glebe. The garage, though near the front of the house, is designed in such a way as to blend in with the house and the rest of the streetscape in a sympathetic way as opposed to sticking out like a sore thumb. I recommend you have a look at some of the hosues in the Dow’s Lake neighbourhood, and in particular on Madawaska where there are garages that are built into the house in such a way as they blend in and do not overwhelm the street. A do agree that it would be nicer not to have a garage at all, or put it at the back of the property.

      • Oh, I don’t doubt that it will be a tastefully, aesthetically-compatible garage (the plaster siding notwithstanding), it’s just that I find the whole concept of a garage at the front of a house to be repugnant, and definitely not period. Agreed that putting it at the back of the house would compromise greatly on the usable space (both inside and out), but it’s ironic how much effort is being made to integrate an anachronysm into a historically-sensitive structure. Perhaps a pass-through or carport would have looked better? (i.e. 374 Metcalfe Street)

  1. Too bad segregated, low-density land use results in relatively little property taxes per square foot of land, and relatively high cost of housing (due to the labour and material cost per square foot decreases as the square footage of a building increases) and transportation (due to a median journey distance being inconsistent with walking).

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