Glebe From the Air – Part 2

I was going to entitle this post, “Can we learn from the past?”, and then thought better of it. This shows the southeastern part of the Glebe from the air sometime in the early 1950s, showing the canal and the wide curve it takes around Lansdowne Park.  You’ll notice the QE Driveway lined with trees hugging the canal, the road that enters into Lansdowne on  a curve, the racetrack, the trees and evidence of landscaped lawns on the grounds of the park. There are various buildings that blend well into the landscape of  the park that are now long demolished, but of course the Aberdeen Pavillion stands out.  The densely green area just north of the park is of course the section of the Glebe that includes Adelaide and O’Connor Streets as well as Clarey and Holmwood Avenues.

The image is courtesy of photo collection from  the soon to be closed NCC Library.
Addition, Sept. 29: After another visit to the NCC library, I present to you a colour shot of the same perspective:


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