NCC Administration Building – ca. 1960s

Just on the outside of the Glebe proper (but part of the Glebe Annex), near Lebreton Street and Carling Avenue intersection, this is the original NCC administration building, first built in 1930 to house the Federal District Commission. This was a good location, given that it was near the end of Clemow Avenue Driveway, the end of the Canal Driveway and Commissioners Park at Dow’s Lake, and near the driveway through the experimental farm . It was built on land that used to be a quarry, and it would appear that stones taken out of this area were used to lay some of  the roadbed for Clemow Avenue. (I will have more images of what  the area looked like before the building was constructed in another post)

This was a recognized federal heritage building, but the NCC chose to demolish the building  a few years ago (the building had stood vacant for a number of years before that) and nowe there is a parking lot in this spot for employees of the Department  of Energy Mines and Resources. It was a well-designed low-rise  classically inspired  building that took advantage of the sloping land  that goes down from Bronson and Carling to the low land near Dow’s Lake.And here we see the front entrance, which has a spare but aesthetically pleasing design.
These images are courtesy of the miscellaneous colour photo collection from the now closed NCC library downtown..


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