Linden Terrace, Patterson Creek, and Canal Driveway – 1895-1920s

Linden Terrace, like Monkland and Clemow, was designed and administered by the Ottawa Improvement Commission starting in the first decade of the 20th century.  Though it did not have the same status as Clemow Avenue Driveway, it was still important as it looked onto the semi-wild semi-manicured parkland bordering Patterson Creek.  As you can see from the image from the 1920s, some houses had been built here on the north side of the street only, and the iconic lamp posts have been inserted on the south side of the street, and the roadway has a gentle curve close to the canal driveway, from which intersection this shot is taken as it looks west along the street.

Here is what the intersection of Linden Terrace and the driveway looked like, as taken looking north from the bridge over Patterson Creek:

And here the same location, looking generally south, with a view of part of the bridge and the canal…this image is dated from 1910:

Going back a little further in time, to April 1902, we see the same general location looking north, showing the canal driveway under construction:

And again, another shot, showing the canal, new work being done on the driveway, and a couple of houses on the other side of the canal:

And finally, here is what the area looked like in November 1895, still very much untouched by much development….notice of course the iconic windswept trees which can be found in most of the previous photos, one of which you can just see in the background of my previous post showing Elgin and Patterson Avenue intersection!


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