Demolition Watch…50 Ella Street (Demolished) and 50 Craig (Demolished Nov. 8, 2012)

50 Craig Street (above)

Update: 50 Craig Street demolished Nov. 8, 2012

50 Ella Street (below)

Update, June 23, 2012: 50 Ella Street demolished. 

These two houses are threatened with demolition in the Glebe, as the march of a certain kind of progress continues.  In both cases, the developers are proposing to construct three storey modernist boxes that take up most of the lot and have little conformity with the existing structures in the neighbourhood.


2 thoughts on “Demolition Watch…50 Ella Street (Demolished) and 50 Craig (Demolished Nov. 8, 2012)

  1. The Ella street construction looks to be about complete, and the house (subdivided into two side-by-side row units) looks really nice. It’s a good example of how to intensify as now two families are living on the same space as one was. Also, I notice that on Ella there ARE quite a number of “three storey modernist boxes” already, which I guess makes for a question: for now, having “three storey modernist boxes” punctuating a street adds a little interest to an old street, what happens when ALL of the houses suddenly are “three storey modernist boxes”? It’s going to look a little odd, and frankly, nobody will be able to tell them apart the way many of them are currently being designed. The Ella Street infill looks quite unique, though.

    • Hi! yes, you are right, the construction on Ella is almost done – it only took them about 6 months to put this box up. I would beg to differ…it is a cheaply built, poorly designed modernist box with no consideration as to how the design (or lack of it) relates to the rest of the street. Also, it places the parking squarely in the front yard, with very little in the way left for any greenery. You do, however, ask a good question: what happens when the entire street (or neighbourhood) becomes filled with these things? I also might ask the question: so how much did this higher density infill cost the new buyers? Would those on a lower income afford it? If its like other places being advertized in the neighbourhood, including the place that will go up at the corner of Holmwood and Craid, you’d need a million dollars!

      If you want to see a really well-designed modern home that generally fits in with the streetscape but also accentuates it, go take a walk down Madawaska…just on the south side of the street, as the street bends around, you’ll see something that in my opinion I’d like to see if I had to have something new built in the Glebe. On the other hand, that one is a single family home, which I suppose goes against the idea of higher density.

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