Peeling off the Skin of 192 Fifth Avenue

The following series of images show the prelimnary work that was being done on 182 Fifth (across from Mutchmore School)  earlier this fall.  I should note that some of this work was actually done before the work permit was actually approved by the city, and the sign saying so was placed in a window.    I would not call these comestic changes, by any means, minor, and one in particular actually involved demolishing a one storey addition down to the stone foundation.

I note also that this house has stood  here on its good stone foundation since the late 1890s, and yet the stone foundation was later removed and the house raised and a new concrete foundation was put in, and work is now being done to put in a new 3 storey addition that effectively turns the house into 4 units. More on this in a later post.



3 thoughts on “Peeling off the Skin of 192 Fifth Avenue

  1. This is a really confusing reno… Yaghi’s closed down next door ostensibly due to the impending construction of some condos… is this part of that development? And why would anyone put so much money into retrofitting this building into what I guess will be apartments when immediately due West is the ugliest backyard and sketchy housing in the Glebe? So strange.

    • Yes, it is confusing. The reno appears to be all within what the zoning allows for, and it looks it is being split into 4 units. As far as I know, this is not part of the possible condo development just to the east on the Yaghi’s property. So far, I haven’t heard anything about that yet, but will let everyone know the moment I hear anything.

  2. I think it is just the people that live in the house decided they wanted to get a reno and it just happened that it was near Yaghi’s

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