Changes to Bronson a Good Step In the Right Direction

I know that some of you might have read the story I the Friday Ottawa  Citizen, but I thought I would post the graphic of what changes are being proposed to Bronson Avenue to reduce fatalities to cyclists and pedestrians. Overall, I’d say these are good changes, and long overdue. But I would suggest that the city should consider have the bike lane go all the way along Bronson to Fifth Avenue, in order to tie in with the suggested bike lane network that would go through the Glebe.

Now wouldn’t it be nice if there could be more public transit along Bronson, instead of just the often-crowded and perennially late number 4 bus, along with crosswalk signals that actually change the moment you press them instead of forcing you to wait several minutes.

While we’re on the topic, I wonder if anyone remembers the days before the New Bronson Bridge was built? Here’s a bucolic looking image of the original bridge in 1911:


2 thoughts on “Changes to Bronson a Good Step In the Right Direction

  1. I’m a pretty reckless bike rider, but I remember when biking to Carleton as a student that any riding I did near Bronson was done with an extremely healthy respect for the vehicular traffic driving on it. Where Krista was killed was a path I took once a day, every school day for 4 years, and I never once felt safe riding it. I considered heading South as being more dangerous since you could not see faster vehicles coming from behind you (there’s a “squeezeplay” spot between Bronson and the on-ramp that’s especially treacherous – moreso if you throw a taxi cab into the equation: they NEVER yield to bikes), and it’s downhill so you try to keep the momentum going. Anybody biking from Carleton to the Glebe or Centretown would always begin by going the wrong way up Bronson due to the set up. Adding a full 4-way stop light at the point where the bike path from Carleton intersects Bronson would make a complete world of difference. It would have spared Krista’s life had such an intersection existed all along.

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