Creative Thinking from GCA Education Committee

A number committees of the Glebe Community Association have taken steps to address certain issues arising from the proposed addition to Mutchmor Public School. In the case of the Education Committee, they have provided the following letter  which has possible solutions to mitigate the potential expansion of parking into Mutchmor field, which is a significant piece of green space in the central Glebe.  One of the ideas is to add more parking closed off section of Lyon Street between Fourth and Fifth Avenues.  One issue not officially addressed is this: why isn’t the school board thinking in terms of providing alternative solutions to its employees getting to a school such as Mutchmor? Then we wouldn’t have to always have these tiresome battles where we pit the rights of cars against remaining open space.



One thought on “Creative Thinking from GCA Education Committee

  1. Teachers will always need a place to park their volvos; it’s a staple of every movie set in a school. The idea of making more parking available on Lyon is a good one… the recent landscaping there is kind of a disaster (there’s more foot traffic on the grass than on the pathway, one of the cement bollards is busted, etc.) so if they removed about half of that and moved the ancient, abused Mutchmor fence over a few feet, they could make space for angled parking reserved for the teachers on the West side of Lyon there. It would double the amount of parking space available.

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