923 Bronson – A Proposal for an Increase in Height

AspireOn Tuesday, Feb. 12th, 2013, starting at 9:30 am the city’s planning and environment committee will hear a proposal by the Aspire Group to increase the height of a new building on Bronson Avenue, just south of Fifth Avenue.

Here is more information about the proposal. The building, surprisingly, is not something that overpowers with its height, as has been the case elsewhere in the city.  The design, however, is NOT inspired.  If you want to live in a replica of a Soviet-style dreary apartment block, then this is the place for you.


3 thoughts on “923 Bronson – A Proposal for an Increase in Height

  1. From the wording, it wasn’t clear if this was a request to amend an-already existing building to a new hight. The building in question has not yet been built, and it is SOUTH of 5th Avenue, not north of it. People driving on Bronson will likely have seen the signs in front of the older single homes that will be demolished for its construction. It’s actually an interesting location, halfway up the hill. I agree the design isn’t so attractive but I’ve seen much worse Soviet apartment blocks.

    • Thanks for the comment…I should clarify…this building has not yet been built! It had been approved at the level of four storeys, and the Aspire Group is asking for an additional storey for a penthouse. And thank you, you are right, it is on south side of Fifth Avenue. And yes, it is an interesting location…more could have been done with it, instead of continuing the look of the 1960s apartment building at the top of the hill.

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