OMG! Another OMB Hearing for 174 Glebe Avenue

174-76 Glebe in1974

Seems like 174 (and 176) Glebe Avenue has a fate that befalls few other places: more than one OMB hearing in forty years!  So, forty years ago (1972-74), the OMB heard complaints from the Glebe community with regards to combining these two beautiful houses; and then again, when a back elevator was installed.

And guess what! The latest proposal by the owner/developer (who has gone through the city planning department process several times over the past few years) will be heard at an OMB hearing this coming Wednesday at city hall, after the city planning committee rejected the latest proposal. 

None of this would have had to happen if more consideration had been made to a) adaptively re-use the building complex and b) any proposal for the building (whether a rebuild or adaptive re-use) had stayed within the current height limit allotted by the zoning for the site. Not to mention, also, more consideration to compatibility with the rest of the Glebe Avenue streetscape.

If you are interested in attending, the OMB hearing starts at 10:00 in the Keefer Room at City Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 13th, 2013.



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