GCA Heritage Committee Provides Feedback Regarding Mutchmor School Addition


As posted on the GCA website, the GCA Heritage Committee writes: “MutchmorSchool is a landmark 1895 heritage building in our Glebe neighbourhood and is federally listed and protected under Canada’s Historic Places. All changes and additions to this important building needs to be carefully considered, visually compatible and sensitive to the heritage architecture.

The GCA Heritage Committee have reviewed the proposed architectural drawing elevations and have given feedback to the GCA Board, who have submitted a letter to the Ottawa Carleton District School Board and to the Architect.”

You can read the full letter here: http://www.glebeca.ca/committees/heritage/GCA%20Heritage-Mutchmor%20Addition%20Letter.pdf


2 thoughts on “GCA Heritage Committee Provides Feedback Regarding Mutchmor School Addition

  1. Whoa… that letter is seriously hard-core. I can almost sympathetically feel the blood draining from Barry Hobin’s face as he read this letter.

    I’ve actually grown to like his concept – although it’s very similar to many other school designs in Ottawa, thanks to the illustrations, it’s easy to visualize how it adds some modern visual sparkle to the school and the street. How well the design will age is uncertain, however. It’s a little too retro modern and simple, it may not play well to future eyes.

    The GCA’s suggestion to “A quiet continuation of the stone and brick and fenestration pattern of the transition segment all the way to the west end of the façade” is all fine but the costs of such a design would likely break the budget, both in terms of money and time (there’s a very tight schedule for this addition). “This school has already had two-heritage sensitive additions over its life and there is no rational reason to now depart from this admirable record of respect.” is a loaded statement for them to make, as the 1980 “addition” broke that mould and is a serious blight to boot.

    • The letter, like one I have seen that was sent by Heritage Ottawa, is actually not that hard core at all. It provides the basis for compromise and for a workable solution that treats the original heritage building (note, the three original sections – including the two main additions – are covered in the designation, mind you, not the gym) with respect. Indeed, I should note that Hobin’s firm has replied in kind by acknowledging many of the suggestions brought forward in the letter. While not completely to the satisfaction of some members of the GCA Heritage Committee, the revised design changes are enough to garner overall support. I will post the revised design in the next few days…I have seen the revised design as well, and will state that it will probably age better, though it still has a certain 1960s flavour to it!

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