1922-1956 Aerial Photos of the Glebe

The following is one of the earliest air photos of the Ottawa area.


And this is roughly what the a glebe looked like from the air at that time, if we zoom in a bit. You’ll notice that a large chunk of the western end of the neighbourhood remains undeveloped, except for the large building just at the edge of the photo, which is the newly built Glebe Collegiate:


There are also air photos showing sections of the Glebe, from about 1928.  The following shows in the top centre left corner the work of the ottawa improvement commission along Patterson creek, Linden Terrace, Monkland, and Clemow through Central Park almost to Bank Street while the bottom left half shows the southeastern Glebe including First Avenue School , the Rideau Canoe Club building,  and parts of Lansdowne Park with the entrance gates at the Driveway and Fifth Avenue.


And finally, here is what the central east side of the Glebe looked like in 1956…you’ll note of course the dark line (trees) following Monkland and Clemow Avenue…fruits of the OIC’s planting efforts some fifty years before.  (Next post will look at air photos from the late 195so to the present.)



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