Joseph Patrick Dunne, the Glebe Outlook and the Glebe Municipal Association, Part 2



The man pictured above, Joseph Patrick Dunne, was the co-founder and vice-president of the Glebe Municipal Association and co-publisher of the Glebe Outlook newspaper.  Just by chance, while I was researching something else at the City of Ottawa Archives, I stumbled across a copy of a newspaper that I knew nothing about:  The Glebe Outlook, from April 1st, 1928.  No Joke!

“Let us develop our community spirit by patronizing our home places of business. Let us help our neighbours first.” Thus the editor of the Glebe Outlook stated in this issue. Also, as you can see below, there was a brief commemoration of the man, J.P. Dunne, who embodied this spirit.

Dunne was described as “being a kindly and altruistic spirit..identified with several charitable and fraternal organizations..” So he was a charter member and first secretary of the Ottawa council of the Knights of Columbus; President of the board of  Patrick’s Asylum (1925-28): member of St. Vincent de Paul Society; Ottawa Fish and Game Club, and the Ottawa Lawn Bowling Club.  Also, the paper stated that he “took a deep interest in municipal questions…”

The Glebe Outlook appears to have been publishing since 1927 (there is a copy of a second issue for that year, a page of which was reproduced for readers in the 1973 Glebe Report) and was issued twice a month and delivered free to 3000 + houses in the neighbourhood.  So far, there is no indication as to when the Glebe Municipal Association started, but the suggestion from the Dunne obituary would suggest not long before that, perhaps mid-1920s.

So far, no other copies of the paper have been found after this date, so it is hard to say how long it was is in operation.  There is a reference to the GMA in the Ottawa Citizen in 1931, so we know that the association was around for at least that long.  But there is a black hole related to community activities for nearly 40 years.

The Glebe Community Association officially formed in 1967, a short-lived newspaper called the Glebe News was published 1970-71, and then the Glebe Report began publishing in 1973.

As you can see below, the Glebe Outlook was simple but effective: it generally had editorial content in the middle column and advertisements for Glebe businesses was generally on the outside columns. It is probably best to present the paper – all four pages – for you to see as is.

Note: In the next post, I’ll be looking at the life of Joseph P. Dunne in more detail, and talk about the house where he once lived.





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