Fifth Avenue Court – A Hidden Gem

image image Fifth Avenue Court is one of the Glebe’s hidden gems.  It is also one of great unsung adaptive re-use projects in the older downtown area.  The idea was conceived of in the late 1970s, and, as you can see from the following construction images taken from the pages of the Glebe Report, the project was finished sometime in later in 1980, though at one point, work was stopped in December 1979 until the spring of 1980, due to construction issues: image Essentially, the existing streetscape facade was maintained and restored, allowing for businesses to continue to connect with the sidewalk; while the back portion was expanded to include an interior courtyard with shops on the first and second floors around the edges.  There is also a pub attached to the side part of the structure facing Fifth Avenue.  The blend between old and new is superb.  Perhaps a bit controversially, a decision was made to demolish a portion of the Bank Street facade (at the corner of Fifth and Bank) to allow for a patio area. Although this is a great idea in principle, and a great place to hang out when it is either bitterly cold or extremely hot, somehow the interior courtyard never seems to have caught on.  It is never as well-used as it could be.  It is a creative space, but it seems mostly overlooked as a venue for artistic events in the Glebe. But there are some important businesses here, such as the Glebe Dental Clinic, Languages of Life, Glebe Chiropractic Clinic, and the UPS Store.

And of course, Apt613 gave a 3 star rating to the public washroom!

image image image image Here’s some of the businesses facing Bank that use this building today:   And the Arrow and Loon Pub on Fifth Avenue: And the interior space, being used on the rare occasion of an artistic event: