Frank Tyrell’s House

I recently had an article published in Apt613 about the photographer Frank Tyrell, which you can read here.  Tyrell photographed Monkland Avenue in the 1930s for the Federal District Commission:

 He also photographed Bronson Avenue: Worth mentioning is that Tyrell could be considered a defecto Glebite…well, he grew up in what is now known as the Glebe Annex, at 426 Cambridge Street.  The house is at the corner of Cambridge and Plymouth.  It once was a beautiful red brick home with some interesting features, such as a side and front verandah:   image

Here’s a close up of the detail of the front:


Notice the back of the house, which has an unusual addition, although in this google streetview the new addition can be seen.image Unfortunately, as the google street view images show us, a more recent addition with awful siding has completely obliterated much of the side verandah and the red brick walls and the trees: imageBefore this addition, the house might have had a good chance of being designated a heritage home…the addition, a cheap add-on not in keeping with the look of the rest of the place, completely destroys any chance of historic designation.  Ugh, Frank Tyrell would have said.


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